Resource Planning

Manage and plan your team dynamically and efficiently.

Timing is everything and a poorly coordinated team can never operate to their maximum efficiency.  All the time and effort put into securing work and the best resources will not achieve their full potential without good time management.

By creating a bespoke scheduling tool in Excel you will have a dynamic and powerful tool that will enable you to manage your team and/or machinery ensuring that maximum efficiency is achieved.
By creating user-friendly and intuitive controls, easy to understand and value adding reporting can be achieved allowing the user to efficiently apply the available resource.

Scheduling tools can be developed to ensure that as your business grows and adapts to markets, the tool will be developed to ensure any required changes can be quickly and efficiently implemented.

Examples of other tools that enable an efficient use of resource are

  • Holiday Planners
  • Daily Schedulers/Diaries
  • Event Schedulers

As each business has their own unique requirements for a resourcing tool the examples below were built with very specific requirements.

Below is an example of a dashboard we’ve previously built to give you an idea of what one might look like. However, bear in mind these are all tailor-made to your exact requirements and you have complete control over the information you want to see.

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