Pricing Tools

Excel based pricing tools make the generation of quotes easy, quick and 100% accurate.

Creating quotes can be a time-consuming process if compiled manually. By using a pricing tool created in Excel you can achieve big time savings, 100% accuracy and be able to validate information as it is entered.

The dynamic element of Excel means that as your business grows and changes, a pricing tool can be quickly and efficiently adapted to meet your new requirements.

Functionality to output clear and professional quotes in either Word, PowerPoint, Adobe (.pdf files) or directly from Excel is available and can be emailed to your customer Via the tool when Microsoft Outlook is used.

Storing quotes for review and/or amendment prior to send is possible by storing the data in either Excel or an Access database.

If quotes can contain many rows of items, procedures can be written to reduce the time required to compile a quote and to dynamically add, copy or remove items.

As each business is unique, a bespoke pricing tool can be built to meet exactly your requirements.

Below is a testimonial from a customer that enjoyed this product and an example of a pricing tool we’ve previously built to give you an idea of what one might look like. However, bear in mind these are all tailor-made to your exact requirements and you have complete control over the information you want to see.

Examples of our Pricing tools

Every pricing tool is different however below are some screen shots from previous pricing tool projects.

Find out What Our Customers Have to Say about us


At our initial meeting Michael quickly grasped the concept of what we were after, even though it related to a product that he didn’t know existed!

He skilfully created a bespoke programme in Microsoft Excel that has enabled us to generate our Sales Quotations in a visually pleasing and professional format.

Throughout the development process he continually came up with new and inventive ways to implement our varied requests, no matter how complex.

We will be continuing, without hesitation, to use his services in the future as our UK sales business continues to grow.

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