Data Collation

Collect and store data related to individual people, assets, equipment readings to enable recall and analysis of stored data.

If information about employees, equipment readings, etc needs to be collated and stored, Excel is the perfect platform to use.

By utilising a simple entry area within a worksheet or a User Form, information can be checked upon entry to ensure valid and required data is collected.

By storing this information in an Excel file, it can be easily recalled enabling amendments and/or removal.  If large volumes of data are collated then Microsoft Access can be utilised to store the data enabling queries to be executed to return data for amendment or review.

The stored data can then be utilised by other Excel processes to either report and/or analyse or create further data collation tools.

Below is an example of a data collation tool we’ve previously built to give you an idea of what one might look like. However, bear in mind these are all tailor-made to your exact requirements and you have complete control over the information you want to see.

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