Excel Dashboards are both dynamic and powerful and can provide a comprehensive, visual and high level view of activities within your business.
Excel is the perfect tool for creating dynamic and powerful dashboards which will provide a high level visual representation of activities within a business.

Providing value adding analysis and insight, a dashboard can alert users of potential issues in a timely manner enabling quick decision making.

There are many applications available to create dashboards but Excel as a platform provides a more economical way to create a tool that gives you exactly what you need rather than being constrained by the limitations or requirements of other applications.

Dashboard can be created from very simple raw data-sets – as long as the information is contained in the data-set a dashboard that models this data is reasonably easy to achieve.

Below is an example of a dashboard we’ve previously built to give you an idea of what one might look like. However, bear in mind these are all tailor-made to your exact requirements and you have complete control over the information you want to see.

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