Bespoke Excel Training

Focused and personal Excel training tailored to a businesses and/or individuals specific needs.
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Sometimes clients don’t need a specific tool or product, and instead require Excel training to help them on a boarder scale. When this is the case, we can provide bespoke training on both a one-to-one or group basis.

Businesses and training providers might invest large amounts of money into training packages that cover Excel, but the truth is that these sometimes only scratch the surface. These training courses also don’t always account for the members that fall behind as they’re less comfortable with the technology, meaning that teams can sometimes be left unbalanced with some that understand what they’re doing and some that don’t. This can mean that time and money are wasted on this training, but our method means the training we provide is efficient and personal.

Prior to delivering a training session, Rousseau Associates will spend time identifying the areas where focus is required which means the sessions are more economic in terms of both time and money saved. Below, you can find a testimonial from a client that was very happy with their training.




 Michael is an incredibly knowledgeable excel trainer, being able to provide tips and solutions for all the queries raised in the training I attended. He really tailored the training to the groups needs, and made us feel comfortable in asking any questions they had, with no problem being too small.

I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone looking to polish up their excel skills.


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